Defibrillator Philips HeartStart

The Philips HeartStart AED Defibrillator was designed to be safe, reliable and easy to use. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator is the first and only defibrillator available without a prescription. Designed with you in mind, HeartStart Home is easy to set up and includes automatic CPR guidance features like voice prompts and CPR guidance to help guide you step-by-step through the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

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Defibrillator Philips HeartStart


  • Advanced technology. Proven Therapy

HeartStart Home is designed for use on adults and infants and children under 25 kg or 55 lbs. or 0-8 years old. SMART Analysis automatically assesses the person’s heart rhythm and will only deliver a shock if it is needed — even if the Shock button is pressed. You don’t need to worry about shocking someone unnecessarily.


  • For the extraordinary moment

With access to the right equipment, training and support, you can help save a life. Philips HeartStart Home defibrillator guides you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest.¹ The OnSite AED provides real-time guidance through step-by-step voice commands and CPR guidance


  • Easy as 1-2-3

When you observe someone suffering from a suspected SCA, you should act quickly. We’ve equipped Home with integrated SMART Pads. Just place the SMART Pads on the person’s bare skin, and they will provide feedback to the AED so it can adapt its voice instructions to your actions and your pace. The SMART Pads sense when they have been placed on the patient and when you’ve completed each step. The system won’t announce the next step until you are ready. Prompts are repeated and rephrased, and include additional instruction to aid understanding.


  • Fast, shock delivery

Patented Quick Shock typically administers a shock just eight seconds after CPR, making the HeartStart Home among the fastest in its class at delivering shock treatment after CPR. Studies show that minimizing time to shock after CPR may improve survival.





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