Infusion Pump Hospira Plum 360

The Plum 360 is the volumetric infusion pump solution to configure customized, tailor-made solutions as individual pumps, or part of a complex infusion system for use within Hospital and Clinic environments.

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Infusion Pump Hospira Plum 360
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use intuitive user interface
  • A secondary line that connects directly to the cassette
  • Air management that doesn’t require disconnecting from the patient
Performance Data
  • Automatic rate calculation by calculating volume over time
Dose Rate Mode
  • Automatic calculation of delivery rate based on the entry of drug concentration in conjunction with the desired dose rate (e.g. mg/kg/min)
Safety Concept
  • Air Matters — the Plum 360 utilizes the unique PlumSet™ cassette that features air management that doesn’t require disconnecting from the patient
  • Remove air faster — use the pump to automatically remove air through the cassette’s secondary administration port without disconnecting the line from the patient
  • Reduce therapy interruptions — capture 1 mL of air in the cassette’s air trap – an industry exclusive feature – before the alarm is activated
  • Reduce risk of contamination — Help eliminate the potential for contaminants by keeping the patient line connected
  • Secondary Delivery is of Primary Importance — ICU Medical’s Plum infusion systems are unique in the way they connect the secondary line directly to the PlumSet cassette, so the pump can differentiate between primary and secondary infusion lines and deliver each as intended
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Product's Features

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