Patient Monitor EDAN iM60

The Edan iM60 is a feature-rich Patient Monitor that can adapt to a wide range of sub-acute divisions and help maximize your workflow so you can provide the highest level of care to your patients.
This Patient Monitor features a 10.4” TFT LCD Display, multiple mounting options for bed rail, wall and rolling stand.
In addition, the iM60 features a standard LAN connection with optional Wi-Fi, allowing for bi-directional communication with CMS. With optimized performance in a compact monitor, the Edan iM60 provides superior performance.

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Edan iM60 Patient Monitor

Large high resolution color touch screen
No fan design
Touch & Configure
Water-proof & dust-proof keypad design
Pacemaker detection
Electrosurgical interference proof
Defibrillation protection and defibrillation synchronization
Pitch tone
iSEAPTM ECG algorithm optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, and HR measurement
iMATTM SpO2 algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance
iCUFSTM NIBP algorithm optimized for cardiac patients, hypertensive patients, and neonatal patients
Large storage capacity
Nurse call function
LAN connection with DHCP support
Optional built-in Wi-Fi
Bi-directional communication with the MFM-CMS central station
HL7 support
VGA output

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