Philips V60 Ventilator

The Philips Respironics V60 ventilator provides noninvasive (NIV) and invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) for spontaneously breathing adult and pediatric patients (weighing >20 kg/44 lbs).

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Philips V60 Ventilator
  • Patented Auto-Trak Technology

Auto-Trak automatically helps to maintain optimal breath synchronization even in the presence of unintentional leaks. Hospital modes and options include: AVAPS, PCV, CPAP with C-Flex, PPV and Auto-Trak+.


  • V60 ventilator mask leak selection

Pre-defined settings for Philips Hospital masks estimate the intentional leak in the system.


  • Oxygen inlet pressure range 276 to 600 kPa (40 to 87 psig)
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