Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Litholime

The Allied Healthcare Litholyme Carbon Dioxide Absorbent is a soda lime-based product that absorbs carbon dioxide, compound A, and excessive heat. The pellets change color from white to pale violet as it undergoes absorption.
The Allied Healthcare Litholyme Carbon Dioxide Absorbent is a patented formula that doesn’t contain NaOH or KOH. The pellets also don’t interact with sevoflurane and inhalation anesthetics. Litholyme is more efficient than other carbon dioxide absorbents at a rate of 30% longer, making it safer for use in standard or low flow anesthesia procedures.

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Features & Benefits

  • No Degradation of Inhalation Anesthetic Agents:Litholyme does not contain NaOH or KOH, which have been shown to cause degradation of anesthetic agents into harmful compounds. Low flow anesthesia protocols increase the risk of this occurrence. 
  • Permanent Color Change: As Litholyme reaches COabsorption capacity or becomes desiccated, it turns a deep violet color and stays this way, permanently. 
  • Efficient Canister Life: Litholyme has efficient COabsorption properties which allow it to last as much as 30% longer than oth-er premium COabsorbents. 
  • High Quality Formulation: Litholyme is made in the USA. The hard D-shaped granules are optimized for maximum flow with low potential for channeling. This resilient absorbent formulation exceeds USP standards, with minimal dust content and optimal porosity. 
  • Maximum Safety: There is no potential to generate carbon monoxide or compound A, making Litholyme a safer COabsorbent for use in standard or low flow anesthesia protocols. 
  • Unmistakable Absorbent Status: Used or desiccated product stays violet permanently, unlike soda lime based COabsorbents in which the used product can revert to white when left overnight. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: Better efficiency means fewer canister changes and lower overall COabsorbent costs. 
  • Reliability You Can Count On: Litholyme is produced to the highest standards, delivering quality product with reliability you can count on. This means that you will see the same great performance every time. 

Premium Performance, Maximum Safety:

Litholyme® is a new CO2 absorbent that eliminates the common concerns with traditional soda lime based products in that it eliminates the potential for production of compound A, carbon monoxide, and excessive heat. Its patented formula does not contain any NaOH or KOH, and features a permanent color change that will not revert over time. Suitable for low flow applications, Litholyme is minimally exothermic, and its patented formula does not interact with sevoflurane or other commonly used inhalation anesthetic agents, even under fully desiccated conditions. Litholyme features a permanent and profound white-to-violet color change that will indicate exhaustion or desiccation, eliminating the possibility for inadvertent use of expended product. Additionally, the violet color of exhausted or desiccated product will not fade or revert over time. 
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